Corporate Events

Eventually most of us grow up, find careers & settle in..

Not a bad thing !

But often, we also lose our ability to open up & have fun. And this eventually makes us less effective on the job.

If done right, the power of play can help – Often Dramatically !!!

We excel in “People Engagement” by designing the most innovative outdoor and indoor experiential solutions for you.

Whether you want to motivate, entertain or Innovate… We help you create experiences!

Corporate Event Profile

Pre-event Activities

Trade Show

Corporate Hospitality cocktails


Workshops and Seminars

annual meeting

Annual meetings



Offsite event

Sports leagues

Sit-down Gala dinners

Team building activities

Project parties

road show

Road Shows

Product launch

In-house fitness seminars and services

Rewards and Recognitions

Conference meets

Training & Seminar set-ups

Embergo Differentiators

  • Great event design starts with us getting a deep understanding of your vision and your specific event goals.
  • We Study your previous experiences and feedback
  • Understand your Audience(employee culture etc)

  • Suggest Themes, Agendas and Destinations
  • Design the pre-event, at the event and post-event activities basis the theme
  • Event Sourcing & Production
  • Lock on the entire flow for the D-day.

  • Run prevent activities and build up the enthusiasm and excitement for the D-day
  • Execute the event with a fully personalized approach
  • Collect all the experiences into a video and share it with you and the team

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